S77 (1.5 MW)

Egytorc –Nordex S77


The Nordex S77/1500 kW is the logical consequence of our platform strategy and picks up on the experience gained with the S70. As a result of the enlarged rotor diameter (77 meters) and the pitch technology used, the machine is optimally designed for use in areas with middle and low wind speeds. With the S77 you acquire a modern and reliable system. It combines consistent engineering with technologically high-quality components in an efficient concept.

The turbine is offered exclusively for the Asian-pacific markets.

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The rotor of the Nordex S77 is operated at variable speed. The blades are optimized for speed-variable operation and protected by an integrated lightning protection system. In order to balance the wind turbine ideally between maximum yield and minimum load the pitch and rotor speed controls work together. At low wind speeds, the turbine operates with a constant blade pitch and variable rotor speed. At high wind speeds the pitch and rotor speed controls work together to maintain a constant power output from the rotor.

The gearbox is a three-stage design with one planetary and two spur gear stages. The toothing of the gears is optimised for efficiency and noise emission. The double-fed asynchronous generator enables variable speed operation of the wind turbine without passing the total power through the power electronics of the converter, thus providing the most efficient conditions for this advantageous mode of operation.

 The Nordex S77 can be installed on a tubular tower. The modular tubular tower is cylindrical, the upper segment is conical.

Rotor Blades

In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dongying, built in 2007, we manufacture some of our rotor blade requirements. The rotor blades NR37.5 (S77 blades) are being manufactured here. Nordex takes care that consistently high product quality is ensured and on-site safety enhanced.

Case Studies

You can download the following case studies (PDF).

¢º Cadau I, Italy (21 MW)