Egytorc -Rent Beveling Cutting Machine Egypt

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PIPE Beveling, Cutting
PIPE Ltd are one of the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist pipe cutting and bevelling machines for workshop or on-site environments


Range: 1€ - 36€ o/d (larger available on request)
The MCA Clamshells range of portable cold pipe cutting and bevelling machines are designed for ease of use, even in difficult situations. Thanks to their split, low profile and lightweight frame they are the perfect machine for use when access to the pipe is restricted. Our range of clamshells will cover a range from 1" to 36" o/d. Larger sizes are available on request. Cutting and bevelling can be performed simultaneously, any type of weld prep can be achieved including compound angles and "j-preps". cold Our range of pipe cutting and bevelling are available with pneumatic, electric and hydraulic motors


Cold pipe cutting and bevelling Developed for on site use in pipelines machine body is split  frame type allowing set up of machine at any point along pipelines


Cold pipe cutting and bevelling Hydraulic motor available for MCA 10 and above


FUNCTIONS: Pipe cold cutting, bevelling, facing & counterboring.
MATERIALS: Carbon Steel, Alloy, Stainless Steel, Duplex
POWER: Hydraulic
NOTE: The range of portable pipe cutting and bevelling machines are designed to meet on site heavy duty requirements on large pipeline diameters. Split frame body and copier toolboxes are standard features.


Pipe Ltd introduce the HYPERCUTTER. A hydraulic cold cutting and beveling machine for the heaviest of applications, suitable for factory or on-site work.
Extremely rugged in design, the Hypercutter is equipped with 8 heavy duty locking feet for rapid set up on all pipe diameters within its range.
The unit is also equipped with two copier toolboxes with the spring loaded pipe OD tracking system, minimizing the bevel offset on out of round pipe.
As with all Pipe Ltd’s Cold Cutting & Beveling machines, the Hypercutter is a split frame design for ease of set up and operation along pipelines.


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