Rent Hydraulic bolt Tensionner-Bolt Tightening-Bolting Tools

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Boltight Egytorc is the agent of Boltight in Egypt. Boltight is specialized in cost effective hydraulic bolt tensioning products.

BOLTIGHT LTD. specialises in cost effective hydraulic bolt tensioning products.

BOLTIGHT hydraulic bolt tensioning feature the latest technology including composite material seals for enhanced performance.

Safety features include colour coding to match tools, pumps and hoses to their maximum working pressure.

BOLTIGHT hydraulic bolt tensioning are CE marked where appropriate in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

Standard and custom designed hydraulic bolt tensioning are quickly available in metric and imperial sizes.

Egytorc supplies and rents boltight products ,which are :

1 -Toolings:
a- 1000 bar tooling.
b- 1500 bar tooling.
c- Custom tooling.
d- 700 bar tooling.

2 -Pumps:
a- Air pumps.
b- Hand pumps.

3- Hi temp hydranuts. 
a- Hydraulic nuts.
b- Flexible hoses and fittings.
c- Ultra sonic bolt loading monitoring. 
d- Hydraulic closure system.
e- Sub sea tools.
f- Typhoon hi-load tensions.
g- Mot splitters.
h- Flange pullers.
i- Flange speaders.
j- Repair and refurbishment

Boltight has safety features including colas coding to match tools, pumps, and hoses to their maximum working pressure. Boltight is a BS EM Iso 9ool : 2ooo  registered firm.


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