Egytorc - Hyraulic Closure System

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The BOLTIGHT Hydraulic Closure System is a fast method for temporary assembly of a steam turbine cylinder casing for checking clearances between rotating and static components. When inspecting casing distortion or monitoring casing geometries to establish optimum efficient operation, the Cylinder Closure System provides fast, accurate bolt loading and uniform casing compression. The BOLTIGHT Hydraulic Closure System comprises a set of purpose designed hydraulic nuts, a hose arrangement and air operated hydraulic pump.


System operation
To operate the system, the hydraulic nuts locate on the existing fasteners and are screwed down onto the spot face. A closed loop hydraulic harness then connects all of the hydraulic nuts to the air operated hydraulic pump. The system simultaneously pressurises the hydraulic nuts, exerting a uniform and accurate force on the turbine casing to close the cylinder flange faces. This simple method for squeezing the turbine cylinder casing compresses the casings quickly and accurately for rotor clearance and distortion checks, all performed at ambient temperature and without the need for heat tightening or torque methods



  • Fast temporary turbine casing tightening
  • High, accurate and repeatable bolt loading
  • Even casing compression
  • Nuts screw onto existing bolts
  • Nuts designed to fit into casing spot faces
  • Suits all turbine geometries
  • No torque wrenching
  • No bolt heating
  • Time saving

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