Egytorc - Typhoon Hi-Load Tensioners

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The Boltight range of BO-7-2Bolt Tensioners has been developed to suit modern hi-load, tight space bolting applications. The tools generate ISO and ASTM proof load standards for 10.9 bolts, and are particularly suitable for wind turbine, structural and other high load, high integrity bolting applications.

  • Optimised size, weight and load capacity
  • Single stage designs for low height applications
  • Multi stage designs for maximum load in the smallest diameter
  • Minimum 10,000 pressure cycles
  • Single or multi-stage designs
  • Comprehensive operating/safety manual
  • Long life composite material seals
  • Pressure tested and certificates issued
  • Configurable hydraulic connections
  • Optional gear drive for fast nut run-down
  • Generates 95% yield stress on 10.9 bolts
  • Meets 10.9 proof load requirement ASTM A490M and EN ISO 898-1:1999
  • Special/bespoke designs available
  • Complementary range of 1500 bar pumps, flexible hoses and fittings

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