T-TOOL-Rent Hydraulic Torque wrench Egypt

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Dedicated torque tool for the HYTORC Nut™ series fasteners.

Hytorc's T-Tool torque wrench was designed for HYTORC Nut™ applications and for use with theMulti Tool Shrink Disc application.

The HYTORC T-series tension nut runners should only be used for operating HYTORC tension nuts and HYTORC smart studs. As these tools along with the HYTORC fixing elements tension the bolts without torsion or lateral forces, there is no use of torque but direct pre-tensioning force.

A HYTORC tension nut runner system consists of a tension nut runner, an electrically or pneumatically driven high pressure hydraulic power pack with a twin high pressure hose and the HYTORC fixing element.

All HYTORC tension nut runners are high-quality and technically fully perfected bolting tools.

T-TOOL™ Features

  • Continuous Rotation                                                                                                    
  • Anti Backlash Design
  • 360° Uni-swivel
  • Simultorc-Switch
  • New Ergonomic Design
  • 3 times faster than prior art
  • 360° Job-adjustable
  • 300,000 psi Alloy-mechanism
  • Torsion-free internal Mechanism
  • Upgradeable for Stretch-to-load!

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