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Egytorc – 700 Bar Tooling-Bolting Tools Rental

BOLTIGHT designs and builds bolt tensioning equipment for use at 700 bar oil pressure so customers can save cost by using their existing hydraulic pumps and hoses. These tools are designed and built to order. They fall below the threshold for CE marking.
The BOLTIGHT 700 bar equipment operates quickly and safely to achieve high residual bolt stresses using industry standard low pressure, low cost, hoses, and pumps.

Main features:-

  • Cost effective and robust design without the extra cost of CE marking
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Uses existing industry standard pumps and hoses
  • Comprehensive Health & Safety, Operating and Maintenance Manual
  • Long life composite material hydraulic seals
  • Pressure tested and certificates issued
  • Custom built tooling designed to suit the application
  • Lower cost
  • Piston stroke to suit customer requirements
  • Highly visible maximum stoke indicator
  • Single or twin hydraulic connections
  • Optional finishes Oil black, Nickel plate, PTFE coat
  • Available for Purchase only

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