Line Boring Machine
December 8, 2020
October 22, 2020
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A series of five rugged yet compact configurations designed for fast, precise grinding and lapping of globe valves with flat or conical seats. All models offer a range of diameter configurations and the ability to easily and quickly change disks and adjust grinding pressure during operation.


Seat Diameter Range: 0.375 – 6 in. (10 – 150 mm)
Submerging Depth: 12 in. (300 mm)
Valve Type: Globe (flat seats) & safety
Power Option: Electric or Pneumatic

Product Advantages

Quick and Easy Setup
Quickly change between electric and pneumatic by simply loosening a single clamping bolt.
The adhesive on the media discs is specifically formulated to provide a firm hold while in use, but are easy to remove after use.
Thicker Plant Wheels and webbed design provides increased rigidity, allowing consistent flatness regardless of grinding pressure.
Using an odd number of Planet Arms ensures constant contact between all five arms and the seat, which allows you to grind perfectly flat seats.
Planet Arm bearings are sealed, preloaded and preset to be within .000079 inches (.002mm) of each other on a flat plane.
When changing the grinding head, the bearings don’t need to be adjusted.
All grinders come with a complete set of diameters and grit of abrasives; 800-1200 pieces included.