Flange Spreaders

Egytorc-Flange Spreaders-Bolt Tightening-Bolting Tools Rental

BOLTIGHT Flange Spreaders provide a fast, safe and convenient method of separating flanges during maintenance and installation procedures.

Requiring an access gap of only 6mm for installation, each BOLTIGHT Flange Spreader operates at a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi and delivers 15.5 Tons (155 kN) of spreading force. Flange spreaders can be easily combined to provide a higher multiple separating force.

At a portable 7kg, each Flange Puller is extremely easy to handle, install and operate and is durable enough for use in even the harshest environments.

Our standard kit also includes pump and harnessing equipment to commence operation immediately, together with a comprehensive instruction manual and foam-lined deluxe carry case.

BOLTIGHT also offers a range of Flange Spreader accessories to suit your requirements. Please contact us for details.