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Egytorc – Nordex N80

Arotor diameter of 80 m and an installed capacity of 2.5 MW make the Nordex N80 the first choice when it comes to value for money, specially at strong wind sites.

Our know-how in the megawatt class, acquired on the basis of practical operation since 1995, made it possible for us to develop the N80 successfully. Thanks to its pitch control, the GL-1-certified machine is able to optimize the energy yield at all wind speeds.

More information Downloads Product data sheet Product brochure Technical drawing Product brochure in French Planning documents Product brochure in Italian

The machine offers low-maintenance due to having no rotating hydraulics in the hub, maintenance-free blade adjustment drives and easily accessible control cabinets. The user-friendly construction and the control from the bottom of the tower and from the nacelle as well as the wide range of remote query possibilities for the control system and converter are a further plus.

All components are of guaranteed high quality due to our choice of certified and reputable sub-suppliers.

Operations management

The N80/2500 is controlled by Nordex Control 2 (NC2), a software/hardware system for managing the central wind power system components right up to wind farms or the power station networks of non-centralized energy producers.  The software system continuously evaluates all operating and weather data measured and ensures yield-optimized operation of the system. To this end, Nordex programs each system with turbine and location-based parameters. The wind turbines are fitted with two devices (anemometer) to record wind data. The first one is used to manage the system and the second one monitors the first device. If one device fails, the other takes over.

Each system is linked to a remote monitoring system for controlling the components (hardware and software). In this way, all data and signals are transmitted by ISDN and can be viewed using an Internet browser. This ensures data monitoring as well as active remote management (e.g. start-up, deactivation and wind tracking) for each turbine from the Nordex service center in Rostock. The remote monitoring office works around the clock and is automatically alerted in the event of any deviation in operating data from standard parameters. The system is backed by an emergency power supply. Together with the batteries fitted to the pitch system, the system is deactivated securely in the event of any loss of power.

In addition, the turbine can be fitted with a condition monitoring system to ensure proactive maintenance. This early warning system alerts the operator when a component needs to be replaced in the foreseeable future. In this way, it is possible to avoid an unscheduled shutdown.

Download Nordex Control 2 brochure (PDF).

Case Studies

You can download the following case studies (PDF).

  •  Hav¸ygavlen Wind Farm, Norway (40 MW)
  • Crystal Rig, Scotland (50 MW)
  • Wieringermeer, Netherlands (12,5 MW)
  • Bouin, France (19,5 MW)
  • Kings Mountain, Ireland (25 MW)
  • Nerefco, Netherlands (22,5 MW)
  • San Bernardo, Italy (12,5 MW)

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