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Egytorc – Repair and Refurbishment

BOLTIGHT refurbishes and repairs individual tools, pumps and hoses or complete tool sets according to your needs.

BOLTIGHT can upgrade any existing tools which may have become old or outdated, fitting the latest composite seals to improve tensioner performance, no matter, from where they were originally purchased.

Here one of 57 SPS Technologies hydraulic cylinders has been fitted with the latest BOLTIGHT composite seal, a new piston and hydraulic connector. The stroke of the tensioner was increased by 50%, the effort required to return the piston was dramatically reduced and the tool reliability was greatly increased.

BOLTIGHT can supply spare parts, seals, pumps hoses and fittings for existing tooling supplied by others.

We are also able to supply, hard to find, spare seals for old equipment such as Jacking Tools and Hydraulic Nuts, including spare tyres, or flat seals, where the original equipment suppliers may have ceased business or become impossible to locate.

Old style pistons with metal feather edges, which are easily damaged, as seen here, can be replaced along with new composite seals to bring those older tools back to a useful life.

Here 45 off M64 and 23 off M76 SPS Technologies hydraulic nuts are waiting to be refurbished.
They will be fitted with the latest BOLTIGHT composite seal, a new piston and hydraulic connector. When complete, the effort required to return the piston was reduced and the tool reliability was increased.

The hydraulic nuts were processed as follows :

  1. Strip down and clean all parts
  2. Examine nut bodies and measure on 3 axis CMM
  3. Design and manufacture new pistons and sealing elements
  4. Manufacture new parts
  5. Assemble
  6. Pressure test at 2200 bar and issue test certificates
  7. Supply with instruction manual for maintenance of new seals

Above – An M64 Hydraulic Nut after refurbishing.

Left – An M76 Special Hydraulic Nut after refurbishing.

Right – Replacement pistons with BOLTIGHT composite seal waiting to be fitted to the refurbished hydraulic nut bodies.

Left – The three axis co-ordinate measuring machine is employed to check the hydraulic nut body dimensions before refurbishing.

Right – Each hydraulic nut was fitted with a new self-sealing quick connector.
The refurbished hydraulic nuts were subject to a pressure test before despatch. Pressure test certificates are issued for all refurbished products.

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