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RTJ Flange
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Cold Cutting Machine

Cold Cutting Machine

Cold Cutting Machine

What is cold cutting machine

Cold cutting allows you to cut and chamfer pipes without creating flames or sparks in the system, thereby preventing residual gas remaining in the pipeline from catching fire.

Common Applications on cold cutting machine

Cold cutting machine is in;
  • Radial cutting of pipes
  • Bevelling of pipes
  • Simultaneous cutting and bevelling of pipes
  • Internal preparation
  • Flange preparation
  • Cold Cutting Machine

    The H&S TOOL OD Mount Clamshell machine is a unique combination of accuracy, strength, and ease of handling. Our engineers gathered information from field operators around the world to determine the areas needing improvement over traditional designs. With that in mind, we designed a series of OD Mount Clamshell machines that provide a safer, more convenient solution for your pipe application.

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