The H&S TOOL SPEED FACER™ family are designed with safety and productivity-enhancing features that separate this line of machines from the competition. The remote feed control and auto-feed system allows for hands-free machining, keeping operators hands away from moving parts. The customized setup fingers and leveling feet allow the operator to easily set up the machine making it possible to go from crate-to-cut in 15 minutes or less. With infinitely variable feed rates and the ability to rotate the tool head and bits 360°, the SPEED FACER™ family has increased flexibility for higher metal removal, variable surface finishes, and the ability to create a variety of cuts.


    ID Facing Diameter: 11.8 – 60 inches (299.7 – 1524.0 mm)
    Milling Diameter: N/A
    OD Mounting Diameter :38.1 – 63.8 inches (967.7 – 1620.5 mm)
    OD Facing Diameter: 8.5 – 60 inches (215.9 – 1524.0 mm)
    ID Mounting Diameter: 11.8 – 57.5 inches (299.7 – 1460.5 mm)
    Power Option: Pneumatic or Hydraulic

    Product Advantages

    Up to 3 hp pneumatic motor provides more power and speed resulting in higher metal removal rates to get the job done fast.
    Optimized drive reduction provides the speed range required to use carbide or HSS tooling, for added flexibility and performance.
    Infinitely variable feed rates from 0.001-0.032 inch/rev (0.025 – 0.813 mm/rev) allows operational flexibility for higher metal removal and variable surface finish requirements.
    Multiple feed trippers to actuate the adjustable feed unit. This allows aggressive feed rates for maximum metal removal as needed.
    Select from 10 models sized to machine flanges up to 30.5, 40.5, 50.5, 60.5, 70.5, 80.5, 90.5, 100.5, 110.5, or 120.5 inches (775, 1029, 1283, 1537, 1791, 2045, 2299, 2553, 2807, or 3061 mm) in diameter.
    Tool head and tool bit rotate 360° independently to any angle allowing optimal tool bit positioning and flexibility to create a variety of cuts including chamfers, o-ring grooves, square shoulders, and other angled surfaces.
    Back-facing attachment option provides even more flexibility in machining operations where there are bridge obstructions or when machining flanges on the back side of the pipe flange.
    Removable feed trippers allow for multiple mounting positions maximizing ability to avoid obstructions.
    Setup fingers and leveling feet allow for quick and easy setup and alignment of the machine reducing crane time.
    Reversible pneumatic motor can be installed from either the top or bottom of the machine depending on obstructions or operating mode.
    Custom-built crate allows for expanded shipping options and reduces exposure to inclement weather and damage on-site or in transit.
    Cutting tools available upon request eliminate outsourcing. Tool holder can accept up to 0.75 inches (19.1 mm) tooling.
    Auto-feed system keeps operators hands safe from moving parts and keeps the job running smoothly.
    Bearing guard keeps chips and debris out of the bearing and belt drive system protecting the operator from exposed pinch and entanglement hazards.
    Low-pressure safety interlock system prevents unintended re-starts after the loss of supplied air pressure.
    E-stop for quick stops & controlled re-starts.
    CE Certified