Cylinders Single and double acting up to 565 ton our rental store offer many solutions to your hydraulic lifting needs



What push or pull tonnage is required per cylinder in your application? We (Egytorc) recommend using 80% of the rated capacity and stroke to maximize product performance and safety.
What is the push or pull stroke length required?
Does the application require multiple cylinders?
Does the cylinder need to push, pull or both? (Single-acting cylinders extend the piston under hydraulic pressure. Double-acting cylinders extend and retract the piston under pressure.)
Is the application stationary, or must the components be light in weight for easy portability?
Do you need to extend a rod or cable through the center of the cylinder for the application, as in a tensioning operation?
Does the application require that the cylinder be “dead-ended” at the end of it’s work stroke?
Does the application require that the cylinder fit within limited-clearance work areas?
Does the application require that the lifted load be supported for extended periods of time? Locking collars are ideal for such jobs, as are cribbing blocks.
Is corrosion resistance required? Our unique “Power-Tech” surface treatment is standard on many Power Team cylinders, and optional on many of our cylinders which feature steel construction.
Will the cylinder need to withstand off-center loads? If yes, consider using swivel load caps.
Will the application involve high cycles (over 2500 in the cylinder’s lifetime)? Our specific cylinders are ideal choices.