The BG44 BOILER GUN™

    is a combination of speed and power in a compact package, with a working range of 0.875 inch ID to 5 inches OD (22.2 to 127 mm). The BG44 is designed to perform on-site machining on boiler tubes and other pipe applications with speed and accuracy to make short work of your tube prep projects. Like other H&S TOOL BOILER GUN™ tube bevelers, the BG44 offers a collet or wedge-styled locking system, giving users the best clamping capability for any application. Ask us for a demo and head-to-head comparison with any other brand, and we’ll show you why the BG44 BOILER GUN™ is the right way to go!


    Working range: 0.875 in. ID – 5 in. OD (22.2 ID – 127 OD mm)
    Radial tool clearance: 1.312 in. (33.3 mm)
    Head width: 2.625 in. (66.7 mm)
    Power: Speed: Pneumatic (1.3 HP / 0.97 kW) – Low-velocity (LV)– 55 RPM High-velocity (HV) 110 RPM Electric (1.5 HP / 1.1 kW) 0 – 98 RPM

    Product Advantages

    Powerful drive motors make quick work of light-wall tubing and provide the torque needed for heavy-wall alloy tubes.
    Heavy duty gearset increases machine longevity and provides the torque and speed required to perform a wide variety of end prep work.
    Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings for very rigid and smooth operation.
    Narrow head width enables use in tight spaces such as boiler water walls.
    Two different locking systems available – Collet or Wedge, giving you the best clamping capability for any application.
    Enhanced wedge design with an integrated wedge system and captured retaining springs allows quick change of wedge extensions and prevents loss of spring
    ‘Speed Wheel’ allows wedge expansion using a star-wheel, which is faster in confined spaces.
    Anchor Grip ™ collet system provides superior gripping for applications such as stub removal, light wall tubing that cannot be deformed and tubing that cannot be contaminated with falling debris.
    Both fixed and sliding tool holders available allowing you to use the right tooling for each application.
    Patented Multi-Prep® Tool Holder combines multiple machining operations into a single operation.
    Crank feed option allows for a fast and consistent feed for shop use and fabrication.
    Corrosion resistant finish applied to all external components prevents machine weathering and extends the life of the components.
    Finer feed screws make it easier to advance the feed, putting less burden on the operator and the machine.
    Drop Swivel Air Fittings extend the life of the machine by reducing hose kinks and damage.
    Air Lock option dramatically saves time on high-volume jobs by locking and unlocking the tool instantly with the flip of a valve.
    Lightweight aluminum alloy components for easy handling.
    Crank handle or wrench-style feeds available allowing you to maximize space, speed, and consistency.
    Heavy-duty storage case with foam inserts protects the machine from damage on-site or in transit.