Forged from 40 years of flange facing experience, the

    FF5300 Flange Facer

    sets a new standard in compact flange facing. Easy to set-up and run with a new modular design including an interchangeable turning arm, giving users the flexibility to go out to 40 inches (1,016 mm) and still produce the desired finish. Powerful and simple to use whether you’re facing, beveling or turning valve, pipe, or pump flanges. Comes with a more compact swing diameter with a minimum clearance of 22.75 inches (577.9 mm). Facing diameters range from 5.7 to 40 inches (144.8 to 1016 mm).


    Facing Diameter
    5.7 – 32 inches (144.8 – 812.8 mm)
    5.7 – 40 inches (144.8 – 1016 mm) with extended arm
    Milling Diameter
    Single point only
    ID Mounting Diameter
    5.7 – 32 inches (144.8 – 812.8 mm)
    OD Mounting Diameter
    ID mount only
    Minimum Swing Diameter
    22.75 inches (577.9 mm) 26.25 inches (666.8 mm) with extended arm
    Power Option

    Product Advantages

    Heavy-duty machining arms provide rigid performance and reliable results, ensuring high-quality cutting performance throughout the full range of the machine.
    2.4 HP pneumatic motor provides more power and speed resulting in higher metal removal rates to get the job done fast.
    ISO 9001 certified manufacturing ensures all CLIMAX products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.
    Interchangeable machining arms are quick and easy to replace allowing for work in confined spaces or unique environments without having to buy a completely new machine.
    Extended machining range, from 5.7 – 40 inches (144.8 – 1016 mm) provides more flexibility – just one machine for a range of applications that typically requires two.
    Variable axial and radial feed rate control allows operators to easily adjust and set the feed rate of the cutting tool for consistent performance.
    Tool head and tool bit rotate 360˚, which allows for machining and positioning at an angle. This provides flexibility to create a variety of cuts including chamfers, o-ring grooves, RTJ grooves, lens rings and other angular surfaces.
    Cutting tools available upon request eliminates outsourcing. Tool holder accepts up to 0.5 inches (12.7 mm) square shank tooling for use with HSS or carbide.
    Adjustable chucking system and quick-connect chuck feet allow for quick and easy setup.
    Machining and counterweight arms can both be adjusted for the desired swing clearance and machining range. The counterweight can be adjusted easily to achieve near-perfect rotational balance.
    Extensive operating manual contains easy to follow tips and includes step-by-step setup instructions for flange facing operations.
    Auto-feed system keeps operators hands safe from moving parts and keeps the job running smoothing.
    Low-pressure safety interlock system prevents unintended re-starts after the loss of supplied air pressure.
    E-stop for quick stops & controlled re-starts.
    Modular components are lightweight, easy-to-use, and easy-to-transport reducing the potential for worker fatigue, the number one source of accidents on many work sites. The FF5300 Flange Facer is 45% lighter than similar flange facers on the market today.
    CE certified and available worldwide! All FF5300 Flange Facers are available for sale worldwide, including in the European Union and other locations where CE certification is required.