Torque wrench

Torque wrench

Torque Wrench is the general name for a hand-guided screwing tool, and used to precisely set the force of a fastening such as a nut or bolt. It allows the operator to measure the rotational force (torque) applied to the bolt so it can be matched to the specifications.

Torque Tightening

To obtain a leak-free flange connection, a proper gasket installation is needed, the bolts must be assign on the correct bolt tension, and the total bolt strength must be evenly divided over the whole flange face. With Torque Tightening (the application of preload to a fastener by the turning of the fastener's nut) the correct bolt tension can be realized. Correct tightening of a bolt means making the best use of the bolt's elastic properties. To work well, a bolt must behave just like a spring. In operation, the tightening process exerts an axial pre-load tension on the bolt. This tension load is of course equal and opposite to the compression force applied on the assembled components. It can be referred to as the "tightening load" or "tension load"

The selection of the proper flange bolt tightening technique requires experience. The successful application of any technique also requires qualification of both the tools that will be used and the crew who will do the work. The following summarizes the most commonly used flange bolt tightening techniques.
  • Manual Wrench
  • Impact Wrench
  • Hydraulic Torque Wrench
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner
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Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Square drive Type Hydraulic Torque Wrench up to 51,000 NM
Cassette Type Hydraulic Torque Wrench up to 47,000 NM Available with slim design fits where other tools will not

Flange Management using Asset55 software to create Torque / Tension reports

EGYTORC has a brand new Flange Manager, the gold standard of bolted joint integrity management software. EGYTORC Flange Manager is an independent and verified bolt load calculation software tool. With Flange Manager we have the ability to review all tool options and recommend what is right for the joint and equipment. Flange Manager Software comes with built-in intelligence, it allows minimal inputs and errors while enabling maximum flange management efficiency and "right first time results" Automatically determine bolting patterns, tools & torques PATTERNS automatically selects correct pattern based on ASME guidelines TOOLS Assigns appropriate tool size and model TORQUE Determines proper torque and pressure settings for each specific flange.

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Flange Manager is used for the planning, data capture, analysis and reporting of all activities related to the inspection, maintenance and testing of bolted joints and offer simplified management and control of complex process systems.

Why keep records?

Historical data uncovers and highlights patterns and problems.
  • SAFETY starts with good, accurate information
  • QUALITY accountability improves performance
  • SCHEDULE records aid in planning and sequencing of repairs and maintenance
Just because you can use something, doesn't mean you should. Torque tables have been used for as far as bolted joints have been used in oil & gas. Our Software will transfer them to the history books. Our Flange Management software overcomes the gaps of torque tables by ensuring your tightening values are up-to-date, traceable,and are to the latest industry best practice also provides tightening values for both torque and tension, and because of our enormouslibraries, it isn’t restricted to common components and tools only. Values can be readily sense checked and shared with colleagues instantly. Andbecause your data is stored in the cloud, it is safe and secure at all times. Our software has done to torque tables what the personal computer did to the typewriter.