Compact, powerful, and reliable. Choose between small 1,000 rpm models for condenser tubes up to larger models that produce torque levels up to 600 ft lbs (821.1 N·m). All models have variable torque with sensing cam for accurate automatic expanding.


    Working Range: 0.25 in. ID – 4.5 in. OD (6.4 – 114.3 mm)
    Torque Level: Up to 600 ft lbs (821.1 N·m)
    Power Option: Pneumatic

    Product Advantages

    Reliable Performance
    H&S TOOL offers compact, powerful, and reliable rolling equipment, making us your single source for rental or purchase of tube milling, cutting, and rolling equipment.
    The reliable pneumatic powered rolling motors range from small 1,000 RPM models, for condenser tubes, up to large units that produce 600 ft. lbs. (821.1 Nm) of torque, for high-pressure boiler tubes.
    All models feature variable torque with sensing cam for accurate automatic expanding.
    Rolling motors are shipped with handle, adapter, and air hose with a dual swivel connection and filter.
    A Full Complement of Expanders, Mandrels, and Accessories
    Expanders can be rented or purchased to fit all your rolling applications from small 0.250 inches (63.5 mm) OD condenser tubes up to large 4.5 inches (114.3 mm) high-pressure boiler tubes.
    The expanders and mandrels are made from high alloy steel with special heat treating to assure long service life.
    Condenser expanders and mandrels range from 0.250 inches (63.5 mm) OD, 18GA (.48 mm), for .250″ (63.5 mm) tube sheets, up to 1.500 inches (38.1 mm) OD, 19GA (.05 mm), for 12.750″ (323.9 mm) heat exchanger tube sheet projects.
    Boiler tube expanders feature a compact cage design with captured rolls to complete rolling and flaring in one step. Mandrels are matched with the expanders for working in a drum, header or rolling through a hand-hole.
    Straight, adjustable collar expanders perform touch-up rolling or they can be matched with a flare expander for deep roll flaring. Expanders for fire tube boilers where final beading is required are also in stock.
    Standard accessories include right angle and parallel gear drives, extensions, adapters, universals, and chipping hammers with beading or collapsing tools.