We Supply and Rent Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, and Pneumatic Torque Wrenches in Egypt

CLIMAX pioneered portable machining and we are ready to help you achieve your economic goals and improve the performance of your on-site machining, welding, and valve testing projects. We are committed to delivering outrageously good customer service – every interaction, every time, everywhere!

Egytorc is a recognized leader in Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning equipment and tools in Egypt. We are an agent of Boltight in Egypt. Boltight specializes in very cost-effective hydraulic bolt tensioning tools and products.

H&S TOOL has become the premier supplier for pipe cutting and beveling tools in the maintenance and construction of power generation plants; pulp and paper plants; pipelines; refineries, and other liquid processing facilities, as well as production machines in fabrication companies.

Egytorc is proud to have many clients in different fields including Petrol, electrical, Cement, Fertilizer and Steel and Others


EGYTORC offers for its clients the sales, Rental, Maintenance, Training and full jobs services for all of those tools

Egytorc is one of the most trusted names in the industry. From steel mills and mining equipment to refineries,Power planets,Wind turbines;We have solutions for most bolting applications For custom projects,our highly experienced Engineering team is on service to design the most efficient solution for different jobs with simple operation and economical pricing in mind