The CLIMAX

    PD3000 Pneumatic portable drill

    delivers high-torque performance to quickly drill more holes in less time! Our drill is equipped with a 3.0 HP motor and can reliably drill holes up to 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) in diameter through tough metals like HY80 steel.


    Feed Rate: .003 or .006 ipr (.076 or .152 mmpr)
    Maximum Cutting Depth: 6.5 inches (165.1 mm)
    Spindle Size: Morse Taper #3
    Drill Size: 0.69 – 1.5 inches (1.75 – 38.1 mm)
    Power Input: 3 HP

    Product Advantages

    Robust 3.0 Hp Motor:
    – Produces 30% more power than similar drills.
    – Drills holes up to 1.5 inch (38.1 mm) diameter.
    – Faster spindle speed in the cut.
    – Higher metal removal rate.
    – Reliably drills through tough metals like HY80 steel.
    High quality gear set is more robust than similar drills, fully supported by two bearings, and will last through years of heavy use. This results in longer run times and a longer life span for the drill.
    Integral clutch system – The PD3000 uses a clutch system rather than shear pins which prevents the drill from damaging itself in a stall condition, increases uptime, and extends the life of the drill.
    Dedicated chip wiper significantly reduces the amount of chips entering the gearbox which reduces downtime and keeps the drill in action.
    Innovative shut-off mechanism protects the drill from damage due to accumulated chips.
    Automatic retract system is self-cycling. Mount it, and push go! The depth collar determines the hole depth and automatically triggers a retract cycle. The drill retracts 10 times faster than the drill feed rate.
    Manual retract capability allows chip clearance.
    Compatible with common air feed drill bushings – the drill can be used with existing drill templates.
    Low pressure drop-out prevents unintended re-starts after loss of supplied air pressure.
    Compact Design make set-up, transport and storage quick and easy.