EGYTORC: Was established in 2004 to meet a growing need for engineering support services across Egypt and Middle East. We offer variety of quality,consulting and full job services to assist in many aspects of oil and gas, and power generation industries.


EGYTORC: Is one of the most trusted names in the industry. From steel mills and mining equipment to Refineries, Power Planet, and wind turbines; We have solutions for most bolting applications   


For customs projects, our highly experienced engineering teem is on service to design the most efficient solution for different jobs with simple operation and economical pricing in mind


Egytorc: offers their clients the following supplies

1-HYTORC-USA: Specialized in Hydraulic torque machine.

2-BOLTLIGHT: Specialized in Hydraulic

3-H&S-Climax Company-USA: Specialized in Pipe Cuttingand Beveling